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Hello and welcome to ‘Your Image Matters’. My aim is to provide you with the knowledge to improve or update your personal or professional image, without ever compromising the REAL YOU.

The more you invest in your look the more confident you feel, but many of us don’t like putting  the time or effort in, yet there is no doubt that the outside is directly connected to the inside and when you look good, you feel good.  

So why can it all be so hit and miss?

Big revelation, most of us do not like shopping. We find it a chore, bringing armfuls of clothes into the dressing room, finding nothing that suits, giving up and going for a coffee.

We try to follow style magazines, fashion programmes; celebrity looks,  picking up the odd tip here and there from friends and family, which in the end can result in a wardrobe with very little coordination and you trawling through at least 80% of your clothes every day to get to the 20% you love wearing over and over again. 

So why contact YOUR IMAGE MATTERS?

  •  It’s for the woman or man who wants their wardrobe to work for them.
  • To have at least 80% of their clothes coordinating.
  • To find shopping a pleasant experience.
  • To stop wasting money and time on mistakes.
  • To feel good about themselves every day, whether it’s for their business or personal look.    

           It can so easily be achieved.









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