Company Branding

Corporate identity is reflected through corporate branding, marketing, advertising and logos, but in particular it’s people.

We all know that people buy people first, so in areas such as sales, customer service and client facing environments, a positive brand image is a vital ingredient for business success.

Attitude, language and behaviour play a large part in the overall success of a company but personal image and maintaining a positive  first impression is the strongest brand message and differentiator you have at the beginning of any negotiation.

‘YOUR IMAGE MATTERS’ Corporate (Image Branding Programmes.)

Can be customised to the needs of your business for CEOs', Managers or the entire staff.
Samples of topics covered

  • Defining your corporate branding through your staff.
  • Learning how to reflect your corporate brand in meetings or presentations.
  • Choosing the right styles, cuts and colouring to reflect the individuality of each staff member.
  • Grooming advice.
  • Demystifying the smart/casual dress down phenomenon.

Kathryn's background in dress design and image consultancey is a unique combination that can help you with choosing or designing your corporate uniforms.


A Dress Code Development Plan is available, appropriate for your specific industry or corporate culture.



"Kathryn has a keen understanding of a wide range of people and their needs, which allows her to provide a very comprehensive but focused feedback to clients and participants. Her practical, sensible and relevant input is provided in a considerate but constructive way as her warm, open and honest approach to people ensures she creates a supportive, dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for her clients. As a result, participants are more open to benefiting from her expertise, while enjoying the process."

Siobhan. IPA




"93% of all first impressions are based on the way we present ourselves. Our professionalism, credibility and the degree to which we’re trusted often are determined within the first few seconds."

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